Glass Options

Solar Block (Available in Light and Dark Grey)

Solar Block™ glass is the simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce the heat and glare of the Australian sun, like a pair of sunglasses for your home.

It’s attractive grey tint helps stop temperature from soaring in the heat of the day, reducing the need for air conditioning and keeping your home cool and comfortable, all year round.


Sunergy® (Available in Neutral, Grey, Azur (Blue), Green)

Sunergy Glass is a toned low-E coated glass, combining improved solar control and thermal insulation over standard clear glass.

Sunergy’s unique coating acts like a filter, blocking out the sun’s direct energy whilst maintaining a high level of natural daylight. The same coating helps to reflect heat back into the building on cold days.This means better energy control with lower cooling and heating costs. Sunergy® glass also has a low visual reflectance with a lower level of haze compared to other low-E coated glass products on the market.

Extra Clear (Low Iron)

Extra Clear, sometimes called a Low-Iron glass, is made by removing a large proportion of the iron content – the green tinge usually associated with standard clear glass. This makes Extra Clear ideal for true see through vision and brilliantly clear polished edges. It’s the first choice for painted glass.

Satinlite (Popular in bathrooms)

Used to difuse, not obscure an object when viewing.
One surface of Satinlite glass has small, closely spaced grooves in a cross hatched pattern. Up close, Satinlite glass has a very slightly rough appearance, but offers good resistance to fingerprints.

Acid Etched (Available in White and Grey)

For a frosted or satin look glass that offers a degree of translucency and privacy.
Applying an acid wash to one surface of the glass produces a frosted or satin finish. Though designed originally as a privacy material, it’s also used to soften incoming light. It’s commonly used in doors, shower screens, balustrades and louvres.

Laminated (Available in a wide range of colours)

Laminated glass is a safety glass made by laminating two or more panels of glass with a flexible plastic interlayer.
Benefits include added safety, noise reduction and security.


Toughened glass is produced by heating standard annealed glass in a furnace to approximately 620°C and then rapidly cooled. This process produces a super strong safety glass, up to 5 times stronger than standard glass. It’s suitable for doors, low level glazing, frameless glass entryways, all bushfire ratings and shower panels.


As well as design features, mirrors are a great way to brighten small spaces via reflecting natural light. They’re available as a vinyl backed or laminated safety glass.

Double Glazing

Double Glazed products are designed to reduce the amount of warmth lost during winter and prevent unwanted heat gain during summer – helping homes stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

They consist of two panes of glass bonded together by a spacer and separated by a hermetically sealed argon gas filled space. The air gap acts as a thermal barrier between the inner and outer pieces of glass, creating an effective insulation system.

Suncoast Windows double glazed products feature a warm edge spacer made of an extruded, thermoset polymer structural silicone foam which delivers exceptional thermal performance, argon gas retention and long-term durability.

Secondary Glazing

With secondary glazing, a second window is built inside the existing window. The secondary window is constructed using aluminium frames, laminated glass and acoustic seals. The frame is then sealed to the existing perimeter to minimise noise and drafts. Windows can still be opened for cleaning and ventilation.

Imagetek Printed Glass

Using the latest digital printing technology with specially formulated ceramic inks fused into the glass surface ImageTek provides almost limitless design possibilities, functionality and durability. Whether it’s full single colour rendering or combining transparent, translucent and opaque details, ImageTek provides full freedom of expression.

Printing on large glass panels up to 5000mm x 2600mm. Precise graphic file replication with edge-to-edge, high resolution and micro-drop fixation

All glass is available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit individual applications.
For all our glass options we recommend that samples be viewed under both natural and artificial light as there may be some slight visual distinctions.