Product Description

Aneeta Sashless Windows are a modern alternative to traditional openable windows.

Available in 2,3 and 4 pane, horizontal or as door inserts. Sashless Windows are also easily screened.

The Suncoast Windows Sashless range is available in our Signature, Essential and Commercial design options.

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  • Able to be incorporated into a variety of products
  • An opening window system that looks like fixed glass
  • Uninterrupted Views
  • Counterbalanced system provides an easy to operate/open window. Perfect for aged care facilities.
  • Simple mechanisms provide a low or no maintenance requirement


  • 2,3 or 4 pane
  • Servery
  • Horizontal Sliders
  • Sashless inserts for doors
  • 2 position locking systems for the majority of the configurations- partially open and fully closed
  • Variety of colours (including timber alternative)
  • Glass options (Including Double Glazing)
  • Key locks
  • Insect or security screens
  • Energy efficient/high performance system options